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  • SPM-30 Επιτραπέζιος μονός Φούρνος

    SPM-30 1 Deck Pizaa Oven

    The PICCOLO series is ideal to bake small quantities in very minimal time for 24 hours a day with energy savings. Because when space is limited and demand for high quality is great. A small bakery with huge potential in a short time is the PICCOLO.

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  • Base FP70 Βάση για FP70 FPD92 Μοντέλο

    Base FP100 Base for model FP100 & FPD152

    Metallic oven base with drawer and wheels for models FP100 & FPD152

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  • Base FP70 Βάση για FP70 FPD92 Μοντέλο

    Base FP70 Base for model FP70 & FPD92

    Metallic oven base with drawer and wheels for models FP70 & FPD92

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  • F70T Ηλεκτρικός Φούρνος Πίτσας

    F70T Pizza Oven

    Electric oven with 4 thermostats. Internal dimensions: 2 x (61.5 x 61.5 x 13) cm. Oven: 400 C

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  • DG110 Γύρος Υγραερίου με Διπλούς Καυστήρες

    DG110 Turbo Donner


    The DG110 model is another machine for Cooking with awesome performances.

    It has both sides of  burners  so with the power of thermal efficiency manages to cook much faster.

    It has 8 heat control switches and enhanced based on the installation of the spit,

    The fat collector is at the bottom to collect the fat which you can remove it for easy cleaning.

    It has the potential to operate with LPG or Natural Gas.
    Spit Length – 81cm

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  • DG102 Μικρός Γύρος Υγραερίου

    DG102 Gas Donner up to 12Kg

    Gas donner – Gyros for Professional Use.

    • Infrared gas burner controlled by safety gas valve
    • Motor located at the Top
    • Gas doner as all our gas models can be function in many type of gas (NG-LPG) with the correct injector & they are certified with CE.
    • Small Size up to 12Kg

    It has 4 burner which controlled by 2 gas tap. Big fat tray easy to remove it for cleaning.

    Supplied with spit and scoop.

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  • E1 Ηλεκτρική Εστία
    Cookers - Stove

    E1 Electric Stove

    Electric Stove with one cooking zone 300 x 300mm

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  • E4 Ηλεκτρική Κουζίνα
    Cookers - Stove

    E4 Electric Cooking Range

    Electric table cooking range with 4 fireplaces 30 x 30 cm an collector liquid drawer.

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  • E2P Ηλεκτρική κουζίνα
    Cookers - Stove

    E2P Electric cooking range

    Electric table cooking range with 2 fireplaces 30 x 30 cm.

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  • F80E6 Ηλεκτρική Κουζίνα
    Cookers - Stove

    F80E6 Electric Cooking Range

    Electric cooking range with 6 fireplaces 30 x 30 cm. With collector liquid drawer and oven with iron plate / shelf in the middle.
    Oven’s Dimensions: 2 x (90 x 68 x 13) cm
    Oven’s power: 6.000 W

    Optional can be made 1 big cookng surface 900x600mm on request

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