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  • SPM-30 Επιτραπέζιος μονός Φούρνος

    SPM-30 1 Deck Pizaa Oven

    The PICCOLO series is ideal to bake small quantities in very minimal time for 24 hours a day with energy savings. Because when space is limited and demand for high quality is great. A small bakery with huge potential in a short time is the PICCOLO.

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  • FG6 Gas Convection Oven 6 Shelves
    Convection Ovens

    FG6 Gas Convection Oven 6 Shelves

    Gas Convection Oven with 6 seats. Capacity of 6 trays 60 x 40 cm It can be used for baking puff pastry and thanks to the possibility of switching the base of pans can be placed 6 pans G/N 1/1 for cooked foods.

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  • Crete Φούρνος σταικός
    General User Ovens

    RHODES Electric Oven with Shelves

    Electric oven with 2 shelves for 3 pans 40 x 60 cm pans or 3 GN 1/1 or 6 GN 1/2.
    Internal dimensions: 3 x (48 x 62 x 12,5) cm.
    Oven: 300
    o C

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  • WOK WOK (ΓΟΥΟΚ) χαμηλό
    Cookers - Stove

    WOK WOK Gas Stove Counter Top

    WOK Gas Stove.
    It Is small and easy to use it.
    Connected at LOW Pressure. and has Heavy Duty Cast iron burner with thermocouple – pilot & safety Gas Tap

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  • E6 Ηλεκτρική Εστία
    Cookers - Stove

    E6 Electric Cooking Range

    Electric Cooking Range with 6 fireplaces 30 x 30 cm and collection drawer.

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  • E2B Ηλεκτρική κουζίνα
    Cookers - Stove

    E2B Electric cooking range

    Electric table cooking range with 2 fireplaces 30 x 30 cm.

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